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Informal credit in loan intermediation problem carefully

in a high-rise apartment, daoli district, Harbin's Scriptorium, is a loan broker in the House, police found 6 fake official seals at once here. At first, he refused to tell fake official seals really, but police later found a large number of bank accounts running water, reveals the company's insider fraud.

the official explanation, 6 Gold Seal is a young man from the city of Harbin songbei hand purchased, each, 80, spent a total of 480 dollars. Subsequently, the police rushed to the district fraud suspects captured. Police in Chen's home and seized hundreds of fake official seals, there are a lot of fake Bank water. Originally, Chen has used fake clearance loans business, familiar with a whole set of procedures and formalities. Later, he has not found work, and want to use fraud to make money.

Loan Agency Chief also said that applications for bank loans must be issued to complex information and procedures, if the borrower does not meet the criteria, loan companies will pass the fraud procedures attempt to deceive the Bank, Chen's role is to provide these fake official seals, fake formalities. From the books of record, just three months ' time, Chen of fraud on income of more than 10,000 yuan, loan broker to get benefits may be more.

new agency high risk loans crisis

opened the newspaper recently, will find full-page with mortgage, loan, loan terms such as advertising, these words are hidden in various types of investment company, consulting company or a loan company, loan company, in fact, is a new type of intermediary companies. These intermediaries will be mobile phone text messaging, Forum post, or QQ groups and various forms to promote itself, on behalf of on behalf of banks to lend, declared that "no mortgage, loan, on the day the loan of 10,000 to 1 million. The customers of these companies on the door are not picky, whether it is cards or loans, loans, banks can do it, loan companies say, they all do. The first step, they will ask for a small fee to the borrower.

problem a: high charges

since customer stepped into intermediary of door, in didn't handle business zhiqian, will first took 1% to 2% of high procedures fee; if wants to borrowing, customer only need a ID, then on by intermediary Manager of a double eyes and a on family status of survey, like you home several mouth people? you open what car? you has what of housing? and so on, to study you of repayment capacity, once through has Manager of "fire" investigation, borrowing people day on can got money, Just outrageous interest rates.

problem two: loan sharks

to borrow 100,000 yuan as an example, the loan company provides the repayment time is a month, the lowest interest rate is 10,000, the highest call for 30,000 yuan, but you can bargain to 20,005, calculation, monthly interest rate is 10% to 30%, which is equivalent to annual interest rates of up to 120% to 360%. Although lenders claim to unsecured loans, but also require the lender issued and required proof of real estate, auto, or fixed salary, are submitted to the Bank to effect a smooth approval. However, when the necessary conditions do not meet, and individual loan companies also suggested that customers, fraud in conjunction with the customer.

problem three: high risk

loan company promise, if the user has extended loan repayments, multiple loans bad records, they also provide a "using the chickens to lay eggs" approach to lending. The manager says, you can find another reliable friends, with friends as a guarantor, a friend's House as collateral to loans, however, the Manager reminded, in this way, be sure to select the Agency, otherwise do not. In the formal banks, this form of loans do not come down, first and foremost, the borrower is not the purpose of pure or when there is a bad record, the other will not be considered, that is, as the Manager of the above take chicken-and-egg approach is unworkable.

insiders pointed out that, this lending intermediary cohabitation, but outsiders opened the short-term rental company, once a problem, can foot oil; while the borrower or the lender itself would soon be in heavy repayment pressure, compound interest, cannot be rolled over and finally killed himself, also hurt the family.


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