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The tightened lending anchao

ever since the States tighten, the financing problem of SMEs encountered unprecedented challenges. When the Bank is unable to obtain loans, guarantee companies, micro-credit company, the underground becomes the primary means of financing. Press interview in Harbin found that private lending momentum with a vengeance, and interest rates are generally high, average monthly 3%~5%, up to 8%~10%, or even half-interest to 100%. According to the benchmark one-year lending rate now stands at 6.56%, private lending as they exceed the State dozens of times.

private lending dark tide

careful it is easy to find, and suddenly, the streets will be more than a skyline: loans. Reporters observed, in a short period of Jingwei erdao Jie, caught out several lending companies. In some real estate brokerage firms, are also played loan information.

in the interview, a loan company who told reporters that they had two loans, one is with banks, as long as customers have guaranteed assets as collateral for their loans from the Bank, the company 3%-5% fee is charged to interest implementation of the Bank. Another is invalid with no guarantee or bank guarantee or condition must be familiar, some guarantors to just go, high interest rates, monthly for 4 minutes, or more.

in the interview, journalists feel that shortage of capital markets, borrowing as the grass grows out. As for how many private lending companies, no one could tell. Borrowing from "underground" to the front.

SMEs tough survival

private lending frenzy, reflected financing hardships. In an interview with SME owners, told reporters that since there is no mortgage's fixed assets, borrow from banks is not possible, so only the civil loan sharks a way out.

Harbin, a real estate development company in the investment in the development of a residential area, the funding gap amounted to 40 million Yuan, Wang finally found lenders. Mr Wang's lending conditions are: semi-annual, lent 40 million Yuan, 100% interest rate, maturity even with interest of 80 million Yuan. Money was raised, but enterprises also have to bear a lot of pressure.

Qi received a sum of 5 million or 6 million yuan of household products export trade order. Since there is no housing available for mortgage assets, through his acquaintances to find lenders Lao Liu. Guarantee because it is acquaintances without collateral. Loan transactions, but interest is high, six months interest rate is 50%. Later accounts, interest ate profits.

private capital exports

in recent years, Harbin credit guarantee system for SMEs, credit guarantee institutions in the city 11, by the end of 2010, cumulative 13477 enterprises to provide security services, Guaranteed amount reached 23.01 billion yuan, while vigorously promoting the development of a microfinance company, by the end of June, the city approved construction of a microfinance company, 98, loans 5063, amount of 3.69 billion yuan, loans totaled 1.27 billion yuan. Nevertheless, it would be hard to meet the financing needs of SMEs.

the industry believes that, in the face of mass transit surge of private capital, the best way is to give it an outlet, was reasonable and legitimate by private funds into the economic sphere. Harbin city Finance Office of the person concerned told reporters that the microfinance companies can provide an effective way for private capital into financial capital.

financial observers, should open up access to capital, pawn shops, security companies, small loan companies could be let go, as loan capital pool to allow more private funds have more channels to enter the field of business. Big banks should be inclined to SMEs, interbank lending to small and medium banks, micro-credit companies, let them do retail loans, which reduces the risk, but also to support the long-term development of SMEs.

Heilongjiang University Professor, school of Economics and management, finance, Dr Li Xueyan believes that instead of relying on illegal profits for funding, rather than to create a platform for fair competition, allowing funds to fully compete. He suggested that the deposit insurance system should learn from Europe and the United States, building more community banks, each small banks are required to deposit a certain amount of money in an insurance company, set a maximum amount of compensation. Community banks than big banks, residents can take part of the savings to community banks with high interest rates. In this way, private channel width, with Bank funds can also make a contribution to SMEs.


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