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Folk debit and credit interest rates reach record high caseload explosion

"it is time for SMEs are short of money, if not loans to, dead heart. "On August 22, a local business owners in Wenzhou told the newspaper," now between Bank and enterprise security company at the most dangerous, once businesses stop payments, repayment guarantee company will help companies to banks, funds will almost break the chain. "

" people dared to borrow heavily from banks before, because of the maturity of the loan and then, every few days again. "He said," but the direction of Bank lending entities fear most now is, after the money, the banks will not lend out. "

" or I died, or you died, so currently Zhejiang min area even has practices is, SMEs worried money returned to Bank and loan not out, so to stop loan &LSquo; threat ' guarantees company, let guarantees company through its relationship to take usury, put Enterprise owes bank money first pad with also has,, bank money again loan down of when, returned to usury party, interest by Enterprise himself bear. "

ground system and underground lending more closely than most of the time in history combined.

according to the people's Bank of Wenzhou, Wenzhou City Centre branch published the private lending market report shows that Wenzhou private lending market is currently at the stage of active period, estimated to be 110 billion yuan market scale, also at the stage of high lending interest rates, annual interest rate is 24.4%.


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