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Countermeasures for promoting the healthy development of private loans

(a) clearly private lending regulatory bodies, maintain market order. Should define the people's Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the local governments in the norms, regulating governmental financing activities in the Division of functions and responsibilities clear profit-making nature of private lending, to distinguish it from consumer lending; and qualifications of the lender, loan amount, interest rate, security, registration and funding provisions that regulate the orderly development of private lending market.

(b) introduction of relevant legal regulations as soon as possible, providing an institutional guarantee for borrowing. Recommended that States develop and promulgate the lending Act or the lenders and other related laws and regulations, between individuals, between individuals and enterprises of the legalization of private lending. Define illegal lending, the crime of illegal absorbing public savings, the crime of fraud in financing and other relevant provisions, protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, and regulating private lending behavior, combat and curb "usury" and the occurrence of illegal fund-raising practices, rational and effective guide social capital to flow.

(c) to accelerate the pace of private capital into the financial sector. For private capital to develop policies to guide their investment in domestic financial institutions. Maximum opening of deposit financial institutions access to private capital, on the premise of full competition, effectively expanding financial services, solve the problem of financing difficulties of small and medium enterprises and natural persons to further ease the pressure on lending and risk.

(d) speeding up the construction of market-oriented interest rate system, the rational allocation of capital. Current borrowing interest rates significantly higher than bank lending rates. This is under the control of interest rate policy, and the Bank "benchmark" folk "real interest rate" seriously out, lowering the efficiency of capital, and was in fact unfair. Small and micro enterprise does not have access to formal financial institutions lower "official interest rate" loan cases, have to accept private financial markets higher "market interest rate" financing, is not conducive to their long-term development and growth, only speeding up the construction of market-oriented interest rate system to maximize the rational allocation of funds.

(e) improving credit system construction, increasing the transparency of the trade. Currently community appeared of illegal fund-raising, and fraud, case basically is participation borrowing party funding of party no in-depth understand fund-raising party of detailed information of situation Xia, just in one-sided of message and the Cory of drive Xia participation of, and financing party engaged in of civil borrowing no into people's Bank of China of levy letter system, so cannot check to its specific credit status, and financing lines, exists serious of information not transparent phenomenon. Therefore clearly private lending supervision after the principal, should improve the credit system construction, the legality financiers and dynamic, real-time, continuous monitoring of risk, provides detailed reference information to interested stakeholders, thereby increasing the transparency of the trade and avoid blind investment losses.



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