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Harbin borrowing high income "vest" posing as "wealth management"

annual yields of over 11%, P2P banking earnings rise in the city last year amazing. P2P finance is the mediation of P2P companies to lend to people who have financial needs. The "threshold" of only 50,000 yuan, yielding high "money" really like advertising publicity of the case? Reporters has investigated.

high income with high risk

industry says, at present China's regulation of private P2P lending is far from perfect, P2P finance high yields with high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Due to the establishment of effective risk evaluation systems takes a lot of cost, some P2P companies do not have the ability, coupled with more loans, individual companies will also secretly relaxed lending conditions, these increased risks.

Although the majority of P2P companies that were established pursuant to the default rate "margin", once the borrower is not the money, promised money from bond investors, but due to the limited amount the deposit money in the event of "large" unable to pay, it is difficult to ensure the lenders interest.

annualized yields 11%-14%

a few days ago, reporters visited the Harbin number of P2P companies to investment, they found that the P2P products expected annual returns of at least 11% per cent, up to a maximum of 14%.

the managers of these companies say P2P products selling well. Two of the larger company official said his company in the sales of up to thousands of Yuan per month. Other companies have reported monthly sales of more than million.

according to insiders, at present there are twenty or thirty P2P companies settled in the city. Different from online business-oriented P2P companies abroad, the city of P2P company main line of business-oriented, employed by that company account manager direct selling financial products to investors.

reporters found that when a product is sold, "absolutely no problem", "guaranteed return" always on the lips all wealth managers, product introduction much emphasis on earnings, say less.

recently the Central Bank outlines P2P monitor "red lines", expressly P2P company not by borrowing needs designed financial products sold to lenders, or to collect the money, and then find the loan targets, entitle a lender of funds into the account in the middle of the platform, capital pool.

survey, some P2P companies by borrowing requirement designed financial products sold to lenders have stepped in the Central Bank's "red line."


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