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Bank development loan cooling for three or four urban enterprise developers private lending

I love my home market research institute statistics, in early June, Beijing residential gateway sign (including new houses, housing) 7074 units, down 7.85% from May, down 46.45% from 2013. Among them, the residential new home check for network 3008, down 11.03% than in early May, down 46.95% over the same period last year. In terms of stocks, as of June 20, in the Beijing new-home inventory after 18 months after the return of more than 80,000, 80844 than 76760, a large increase over 4000 units earlier this month. On May 10 in Beijing exceeded 70,000 new homes so far, just 41 days break again "8".

there are statistics that, online real estate page display in Nanjing, Nanjing housing inventory has been breaking the "40,000" mark, reaching 40067.

many insiders say, three or four cities may face more severe situation of the property market.

starting from late last year, three or four cities has entered a crisis, the first is the sharp decline in trading volume, the second is the prices actually fell in varying degrees. In cities such as Hangzhou's non-core areas, or even 60 percent to buy a house or Villa is 2 million Yuan to buy items.

"banks are cautious about development loans are at present, involves a lot of risk," a bank's duigongyewu account manager told reporters.

small enterprises to find his way

in the context of banks tightening credit, many small business found their way in.

"several of my friend recently introduced me to have high-interest financing projects are real estate agents, monthly interest of 4% floating around, but I feel the recent property market is not so good, there will be no vote, which is common in my circle of friends", Ms Lee said.

"If this does not depend on the private financing, going to a trust company or the Fund, but the cost is very high, and finally sold the House very well, the situation is very difficult", Mr Dai said.

statistics show that in May, more real estate for sale trusts were expected to yield more than year-ago levels, some as high as 11%. In size very slow at the same time, yields on real estate trusts instead of elevation. Use data show that from January 2014 the end of May, collection of 487 release in trust real estate trust, average yield is 9.7%. In the same period in 2013, average yield is 9.65%.

industry analysts said top-tier cities into non-real estate projects because of the higher risk, its corresponding raise in the cost of financing.


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