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Turning to lending developers crisis

banks stopped lending on real estate industry issues, Member of the political Consultative Conference of Shandong province, Shandong University of finance investment Research Center Director Professor Chen believes that bank to unilaterally circumvent risks taken stop-ways are wrong. "This will only accelerate the bankruptcy and collapse, with today's large companies, large enterprises, while lots of self-styled make several million a year, a billion of, but once banks stop immediately, would ' die '. Bank loans cash flow isn't enough, this is a very real situation. "

real estate companies can't rely on borrowing to survive. Since many private lending is compound interest, and even with the usury nature, when property for a long time squeeze after the use of funds, real estate companies will face a huge financial cost pressures. "Finally had to pass through the new ' ' scores hole hole is too big, some developers might run. "

Chen said if relying on stop-this" weaned "way to solve the real estate industry wrapped around the banking crisis, is not reasonable. "Controlling loans problems, which is very important. "Chen said, some real estate companies to the Bank loan, put your money somewhere else, some to repay the interest, for which banks consider using to determine the loan amount according to the number of companies selling. "If the buildings threatened with death, the Bank should not to continue to lend to it, even loans to the company, and may not be used in real estate development. ”


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