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Interest on borrowing need to agree in advance

loans of 50,000 yuan to friends, the money was returned as scheduled, stripped itself of interest, public Zhao Jie had an argument with a friend. Case counsel notes that, recently, many similar cases, at the time of borrowing, due to the feelings of many people, not willing to discuss things of interest, and in accordance with the relevant regulations, private lending ahead of the agreed interest, it is considered not to be required to pay.

1 years ago, Zhao Jie Zhang Liang borrowed 50,000 yuan to friends. Because the relationship has been good at the time of borrowing, Zhao Jie didn't have the nerve to mention things of interest. Not long ago, seeing a repayment deadline is coming up, Zhao Jie times door-to-door begging for arrears, after Zhang Liang raise money, 50,000 yuan to Zhao Jie, interest rates have stripped itself. In response, Zhao Jie was unhappy, and he felt himself lent money to Zhang Liang, help each other to solve the pressing need, pay interest on each other for granted.

to this end, Zhao Jie had ridiculed Zhang Liang, did not think the two sides more and more stiff, almost in hand. Help your friends, eventually even anti-fall is not, Zhao Jie, after consulting a lawyer, take each other to court.

attorney Chen chuan told reporters that China's related laws and regulations, in any lending, among the public with regard to payment of interest was not agreed, as having to pay interest. If you agreed to pay interest on private borrowing rates cannot be more than 4 times times the benchmark interest rate of bank loans of the people, otherwise the excess part, the law does not support. As Zhao Jie and Zhang Liang had not agreed the interest, so Zhang Liang may refuse to pay interest. To avoid disputes, in lending, such as trying to interest should be agreed in advance.



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