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Be wary of "borrowing" money flows to the real estate market

up to now, the microfinance companies approved by the relevant departments in Heilongjiang province amounted to 228, Harbin has 78. From the Harbin local microfinance company in the media advertisements for the business, you can see the popularity of microfinance business in Harbin. Insiders claimed, now micro-loan fund flows, finally bringing together mostly in small and medium enterprises and the real estate market. Even experts predicted that borrowing would be overwhelmed by China real estate business "last straw".

alert "civil borrowing" funds flows real estate market alert "civil borrowing" funds flows real estate market
Bank loan austerity, "civil borrowing" sudden hot

Harbin city federations implementation members Xu Wushun, last year joined has a investment management company, main business is civil borrowing intermediary service, opened near one years to, business more do more fire, because this year of bank credit austerity, factors, and he contact loan of people more has up, Xu Wushun also wanted to expand their scale of operation.

during the interview, Xu Wushun received a telephone call from one of the developers, in his company wants to "borrow" money, Xu Wushun says, "recently made a phone call to some developer loans, some because of insufficient qualifications, we have lent to him. "

Xu Wushun believes that developers money tight this year for one year, especially for small developers have just entered the real estate market, their life will be very difficult.

since 2010, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a notice, requiring financial institutions to do the real estate credit management and control over real estate development loans risk. "Bank lending, trust companies if interest rates are too high, some developers have turned to private loan financing company" Xu Wushun said.

according to a developers introduction, trust companies borrowing costs have risen sharply, interest rates this year has increased from 10% to 20%, or even individual 30%. Therefore, the trust company is undoubtedly to close door on real estate developers.

in addition, some local financial regulators also imposed prohibition of bank capital to the project lack of license is not justified such substandard housing prices or loans. Thus, low-threshold, easy procedures, funds a large quantity of "borrowing" by the real estate development enterprise's favor.

microfinance company cohabitation needs to strengthen supervision

according to people engaged in microfinance, Harbin, sources of funds of a microfinance company is mainly profit from a good business, but some microcredit companies as profit-driven, will also raise funds to individuals. At this time, they tend to "

finance" the guise of.
"like you have 500,000 of spare cash, Bank monthly interest 3.75%, US 10%, income is 50,000 a year" should be excellence, wealth company manager of the Harbin branch of the Sui dynasty says, "to buy financial products of our company are now more, we represent many real estate investment trust products, earnings are good. "

sui, Manager said, people are choosing to invest in real estate trusts, one such product revenue, another real estate investment trust products are safe," after all, they have real estate as collateral, in case of debt, sell the House or pay. "

" at present more formal microfinance company in Harbin, lending a monthly interest rate in 2 minutes or so, interest is relatively cheap. And some unsecured an unsecured small loan company rate reaches 5 minutes, or more, of 52 cents. "Insiders," If a penny monthly rates, 500,000 loans a month, income is 50,000 yuan, 600,000 yuan a year. Because of this higher return, just let some informal micro-loan company to take the risk. "

people in the industry say, "Harbin's microfinance operations has never been as hot as this year. So has spawned do not comply with the specification, even against the credit institution mixed in, disturbed the normal market order. "

some formal microfinance companies hope that financial regulations to increase oversight and enforcement, clean market order, make small loans can truly serve the community, to promote economic development.

"borrowing" flow to save real estate market worries

Harbin Polytechnic University, Professor Yang Wenchao analysis, regulatory policy this year, Harbin real estate market watchers are mostly developers housing inventories increased, actual sales have slipped. In this case, some small and medium developers money chain appeared nervous, small loan companies promising it is this segment of the market.

industry concern, "some cash-strapped developers from small company with high interest loans after lending, carries a heavier burden, buyers wait-and-see mood in the current strong market conditions, likely couldn't stand, private lending is likely to be overwhelmed by their last straw. "

" because of high interest rates, developers will surely be passed on such risks to consumers, "Professor Young said," it will let developers increase development costs,

price increases, which would offset State regulation and efforts to keep house prices growth slowed. Their capital pressure on the more serious will be too large, some ability for guarding against risks of small and medium developers, will fold in it. "
Yang argues that borrowing money chain too long, also increases the risk of each link, while private lending at high interest rates, increasing the pressure on borrowers to repay, because desperate desperation of the loan has been in the newspaper many, this is the increase in social instability.

Professor Young said, "the private loan market, it appears, promote capital markets activity, this is the positive aspect of it. Meanwhile, regulators should be tightened against those who disrupt the black market companies, standardize loan processing, investment orientation guide residents, improve the capacity to prevent the risk of regular company. On the real estate market in particular, should maintain a high level of vigilance. ”


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